Trying Out Our New Tricolate Coffee Brewer

I bought a new brewer...

Anytime I purchase a new coffee brewer, it’s often sold with all sorts of expectations about how it’s going to make my coffee better. The Tricolate brewer was no different.

The Tricolate promises a higher yield for your coffee beans with its unique design that helps you get the most out of your coffee. Similar to the Next Level brewer, it is shaped like an AeroPress so that all of the water must go through the single circular filter at the bottom of the brewer. That means no bypass water can get through the sides of the filter like it might in a traditional V60, Chemex or any other cone filter brewer. Because of this, you were able to brew with higher brew ratios to use less coffee beans for more coffee drink.


For example, I brewed my first batch using Scott Rao’s recipe. 

20g coffee | 400ml water | 20:1 Brew Ratio😮

First pour:
60ml water | 1:00 bloom

2nd pour:
Add 170ml water, so our scale reads 230g

Around 3:00-5:00 minutes: wait until water is 1cm above the coffee bed.

3rd pour:
Add 170ml water, so our scale reads 400g


I started with changing just one variable at a time.

For this I simply changed my dose to 19g of coffee. Already, I could taste the coffee open up. The overly-tanic finish was gone, and there was a lot more complexity in the cup. 

The Tricolate is an incredible new brewer. Treat everything online as a guide- not a rule book, and make changes one variable at a time.

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