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Juno Coffee

Cundinamarca Co-Op

Cundinamarca Co-Op

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Origin | Colombia 

Region | Cundinamarca

Producer | Small Farmers Regional Blend

Variety | Castillo, Colombia

Process | Washed

Elevation | 1800-2100m

Flavor Notes | sweet fruit, milk chocolate

Cundinamarca, Colombia


Colombia is one of the world’s top producers of Arabica coffee, and over the years the country has become synonymous with quality coffee. The country has nurtured its coffee industry over the years and the spirit of innovation is strong; new coffee varieties and processing innovations have come from Colombia as well as classic, balanced lots beloved by coffee drinkers. Most of the country’s coffee is grown by small producers scattered in its many coffee growing regions. These coffee growers in rural Colombia have seen decades of low-intensity political conflict between paramilitary groups, guerrilla groups, and the government, though a peace deal approved in 2016 made great strides in the peace and reconciliation process.

The beautiful river known as the Sumapaz meanders between the departments of Cundinamarca and Tolima, and surrounding it are mountains and plateaus that are home to thousands of small coffee producers. It is here that the members of the coffee cooperative known as Cooperativa Departamental Cafetera de Cundinamarca live and grow coffee. Here, producers harvest coffee in May through July as well as in December and January.

This department surrounds the city of Bogota, the capital city of Colombia, which is also one of the country’s centers of commerce. Bordering Tolima, the department contains mountains and high-altitude areas that are well suited to coffee production as well as featuring other agricultural products such as flowers.

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